Thursday, June 25, 2009

Singing the Blog Blues

I’m usually the one grabbing change by the horns and riding it at full throttle. I love change, and I’m an advocate for it. But one change that hit’s me hard every now on then, is the change in my beloved second home, Blogville.
I miss the excitement of hitting the refresh button hoping to find an update from one of my favorite bloggers. There was an amazing variety and depth as well as the challenge that came along with it-as not-so-long ago as last year.

I miss The Last King of Scotland: a fellow music lover who always got my weekend on to a good grove with his TGIF’s (Thank God it’s Friday’s) posts. I miss Naapali with the constant mythology lurking around in everything he wrote. His was always brilliant, and causing you to pause and think-if only for a minute. I miss the ever lively Bobby Taylor, who always cracked me up with her stories from back in the day or the hubby and pikin. I miss Naija Fine Boy and Babaalaye who could both make any not-so-great day end with a fit of laughter. I miss Omosewa who got me hooked on wedding websites and then left me high and dry (if I catch you eh!). I will forever miss LondonBuki, who reminded us of the importance of life and gratitude, as she made us privy to her mother’s fight for her life. And of course, I miss my blog bff, Zephi, both honest and funny…she reminds me of a day in blogville when we felt we knew each other, just through our words.

There are the people who are still here, but not really, and I miss them too. I miss Carl who seems to have been usurped by Angel Mourinho…his wit was evident even through his comments which I relished. And there is my soul twin, the Overwhelmed one who wrote Mummy Sunday’s and Life in a Song’s (bring her back babe). Yet, I cannot deny that maybe, I belong to this group in some ways…

Blogville has gotten much younger, and some times I can’t relate. I think the vice-versa is true in this scenario as well. My sister (who now blogs) said to me “Men your blog has too much grammar. It’s too serious and political for me. I feel like I have to open any time I read your posts.” LOL! That being said, I’m still here, and I won’t be going anywhere soon. It’s just a fit of the blues…

There are so many blogs (old and new)that keep me running back for more, and blogville is like family to me. I’m constantly inspired by people like The Headmistress and Bella Naija who have been here for ages, and continue to be relevant and to take blogging to new heights. The proverbial constant wind of change will always exist, and this one I will embrace, even if it sweeps me kicking and screaming.


bumight said...

sheesh! u dont know that u're part of the carlang group ehn? runaway blogger!

bumight said...

seriously though, i miss Naapali, Zephi, babaalaye, and a host of other bloggers!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Lol...I didn't deny I may be part of that group, hence the line "yet, I cannot deny that maybe, I belong to this group in some ways…"...but yes, there are so many more that I didn't mention.
PS: Michael Jackson....

RocNaija said...

All great writers, I'm sure..
All of whom, I never got to read but always hear about when people get nostalgic..
I guess the fact that their blogs remain relevant says a lot.


Zena said...


I do miss you, and I miss Zephi and TLK ,Queen of My Castle, badly....they made blogsville home...not that the new bloggers aren't....

I'm just weak....R.I.P MJ

doug said...

"Blogville has gotten much younger, and some times I can’t relate. "

You have no idea how many times I've thought that since I got back

And its a shame about MJ

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean!!!i had a similar post two weeks ago!
as they say change is the only constant thing in life..i also miss all those bloggers you mentioned

akaBagucci said...

Perhaps I can relate to a few of the points you raised.... Mr Fineboy, Calabar Gal and her stories about running, Miss Opeke's now private blog and the other mushier one which she eventually deleted.....Were all great reads, whenever my previous 8 to infinity gave me a breather.....

Funms-the rebirth said...

u know i was thinking about all these bloggers sometime ago and i included you ..... and ur so right "Blogville has gotten much younger, and some times I can’t relate" .....

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSHHHHH!!! MR FINEBOY! MR FINEBOY! MR. FINEBOY! Gosh men...his daily tonic were so gooooood. and Michael Jackson....and gosh I am going to go cry now. MR FINEBOY!!!!!!!!!!!

bArOquE said...

there are some great writers that were, (i believe they are lurking in the shadow about us)...some were simply to die for. Idemili & Jaja, hope you guys are fine wherever you are, we await your comeback, if ever

Ms.O said...

I Totally feel you babe. The blogger of last yr isnt the same anymore. sigh! but as they say, chANge is the only constant in life..

MJ I am too tired to even think..R.I.P

Penelope said...

I miss naija fine boi!
Dang i had a crush on him. sighs*
don't leave anytym soon tho...

sweetness said...

dont leave!!!

olu said...

"Blogville has gotten much younger, and some times I can’t relate."

Very true! I've been reading blogs forever and I miss a lot of ex-bloggers. Naijafineboy was the ish, and so was Babaalaye, Bimbylads (who I just discovered is back), aloofa, tutsy, Spook E, Jaja etc

...and the sporadic ones like: 36inches, you (OCCASIONALLY), ONB etc

Thanks for sticking around.

Miss Natural said...

For a minute there I thought u were going to say that you were leaving glad that wasnt it. Yeah I can imagine how deep ur blog blues must be, didnt really know these writers but from what i've read of them and heard about them they were amazing.

Ms Sula said...

Definitely agree with this post... I believe in cycles... and I know my closing cycle is really close... I miss Naapali so much!

I also miss a host of other bloggers. Where is BlackJamesBond?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

@RocNaija: Great writers they for Michael Jackson, I don't even have the words. An era is officially over...may he truly rest in peace now.

@Zena: Don't miss me, I'm still here! lol. I can't believe I forgot to mention Queen of My Castle! Michael Jackson is a part of so many childhood memories of mine. I pray he can finally rest from his personal demons...

@Doug: Sooo I had no idea you were back till Bumight's last post.

@Pink-Satin: Just read the post! Crazy how in sync our thoughts are! I'm glad you came back though!! Don't do any of your dissappearing acts again!

@akaBaGucci: I'm glad you can relate... perhaps...I do miss Calabar Girl...

@Funms: Lol don't include me...I'm still here!

@Temite: Gosh the daily tonic! I would laugh to the point of tears after reading his posts!

@Baroque: I miss Jaja too...but yeah I'm pretty sure quite a few of them are lurking about us...actually I know that for a fact...

@Mrs.O: And I miss you! Your slowly becoming an absentee yourself!LOL

@Penelope: LOL!!!There's a picture of him in this 9ja magazine I have called MADE. I'm not going anywhere I promise...

@Sweetness: I won't!!!

@Olu: I didn't know Bimbylaads is back...I'll have to check her blog asap. Na wa for calling me out with capital letters sef! lol...I'm still here *wink

@Miss Natural: You missed some great writers but the good thing is there are still quite a few good bloggers out there...

@Ms Sula: No your closing cycle isn't here just yet! Leave your blog open ok? Even if you don't update for ever....

Original Mgbeke said...

Totally feel this. Blogsville is transitoning...ah well, I will hold it down for the team.
You sef, wey you don dey do M.I.A runs, abeg don't run ooo 'cos I will find you!

BSNC said...

I didn't get to read most of the blogs, but i was happy i read Mr. Fineboy's blog. he inspired me to start this blogging thing..

i hope you are not going anywhere..

R.I.P Micheal Joseph Jackson..

LG said...

yelz i miss LG :-)
*sigh* blogville aint like b4 b4 b4
but it still rocks tho :-)

*dearie how u

O'Dee said...

"Blogville has gotten much younger, and some times I can’t relate. "

I agree.

Its a good thing you are still here.

P'sy-A-wana said...

if u want laffs check out

Anonymous said...

Nothing can bring back the golden days of blogging. i remember disillusioned Naija girl, she is/was old school. she was refreshingly blunt in the sometimes fake blog world. i think she inspired overwhelmed to blog . what about london chameleon, boorish male etc. there used to be something about blogging, now ...its common , mediocre except for a few like you and my mothers child. I agree about the generation gap, I CANNOT READ THE NEWER BLOGS. wow. there are so boring. I am something of a blog snob and look down on what i call the third generation bloggers. I guess you can tell i used to blog.LOL

NigerianDramaQueen said...

@Original Mgbeks: No matter where/if I go, your blog is one I will always read for shizzle! True talk.

@BSNC: Naijafineboy's blog is the first one I ever read and his inspired me to blog as well...I'm still here babe!

@LG: Lol your funny! On the real though, I miss you! You'v been AWOL for too long

@P'sy: I'll def have to remember to check it out...

@O'Dee: Gosh I miss all your pre-wedding blog posts! LOL...How are you woman?

@Anonymous: Lmao, blunt true talk. Hmmm I wonder if I know which blogger you were...pray tell!lol

seye said...

AND THANK GOD YOU ARE NOT LEAVING SOON! Your blog is one of the few I can place in a different category.

It's a pity, I may be putting seye.blogspot down to attend to another blog. I just don't know if I can balance the two.

It's sad though that I didn't get to know so many blogs that made their impressions.

StandTall-The Activist said...

Good tribute. I just wish I wont have to do this for you cuz you must not quit blogging. Another blogger just said goodbye, you might not know who cuz it's one of my cats-bloggers

LusciousRon said...

Couldn't agree more. It keeps changing but hey we get to meet more people.

J'Adore Fashion said...

Never got to read other blogs, but you are still here, I enjoying your writing!!!

ablackjamesbond said...

NDQ, true talk. Miss Naapali and the others u mentioned like crazy.

How have u been?

doug said...

@NDQ: Frankly I just assumed you were never really coming back to blogsville. Funny thing, if I were to do a tribute post like you just did, you'd be right on top of my list...the first person who inspired me to take blogging more seriously.
How have you been?

Naughty Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naughty Eyes said...

I agree Blogville has gotten younger and it can be difficult for newer readers relating for example with epistle bloggers like myself but there's also another side to it that I'm enjoying. For instance, seeing how certain bloggers have changed with the times, getting more matured, writing much better stories compared to their first posts, getting married and writing about giving birth, finding and losing love and then finding it all again...
All these and more inspire me to continue even when I want to give up.
Seeing bloggers like Doug return and DB, Standtall, Rita etc hang on in there, I'm so glad I stayed...
Please stay too, so that we "old" bloggers can all grow older together. We may look back at the times with nostalgia but that doesn't stop us from moving forward with longing for better writing days to come...

latishababy said...

okay so i am new here, but i have been here long enough to miss naapali and his medical gist, i hope he comes back once in a while. i miss mz. dee too.

love your post, they make me think!

SHE said...

I get your point lady.
I understand what you mean...

Ms.O said...

come back...

The Invisible Man said...

Lol Thats life!

doug said...

I'm good o. Check your email.

Nigerian Weddings said...

Hello Babe!!!!!!!!! Long time. LOL,i didnt leave you high and dry, forgot to leave you the link to the webbies(now you have it);)

I trust you are doing well. Blogville isnt the same, there are some new bloggers who make it fun though and keep me coming back. Have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

heyyyy hunnieeeeeeeeeeeeeee... ive missed uuuuuuuuuuuuu... i know exactly how u feel cos even before these people uve mentioned who i love.. we had ppl like disillusioned naija girl(now sheeee u had to read... one of the most interesting people i never met), delot(he was blooodyyy hilarious... ud have loved him), soul.. my blog big sister... olawunmi etc etc... i came around when it was those people and i learnt SOOO much from these people i didnt know... i felt like they laughed with me and cried with me... as i did with them... and one after the other.. they picked up and left.. and i thought goshhh what would i do now.. .then people like u and some others came around... and i felt among family and friends again... its unfortunate now that so much has gone on in my life that makes it really hard for me to want to write anything but recipes for hotdogs and making lemonade... but in my heart of hearts.. ill always be a blogger.. thanks for being who u are darling.. i love u

Afronuts said...

don't mind ur sister.
There's nothing complex about ur grammar. She's just trying to match up with ur intellect and is seeing it as challenging lol

blogville has really changed...I agree with u

tiffanycaselady said...


Just saw your comment on one of my old posts and decided to check you out..

I definately like your style of writing.. will be back.


uNWrItten* said...

where are u!!!


um, this is quite ironic. You write a post about all the bloggers you miss only to go AWOL yourself?

Tsk, tsk...

Oya, please update

Shubby Doo said...

@solomonsysdelle - na true talk be dat

@NDQ - oya update - headmistress has spoken o!

napaali's and babaalaye's departure from here created a huge void for me...then carlang, ah22 jaja, and even miss definitely maybe, jarrai etc...i could go on but no's the circle of life babe

Anonymous said...

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amakapreneur said...

you are so cool. your blog is so tight. well done.

LusciousRon said...

Madam! I demand that you come back. Please? :) We miss you. The new ones ain't bad but reading from the veterans is satisfying. You know you are on point.

olu said...

Come back, already! Miss you!

Chi-Chi said...

did you stop blogging?

Mimi said...

gal where did u go??
Come back!

Myne Whitman said...

Anybody out there?

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Tisha said...

glad you are back.
missed you
please start blogging again

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Anonymous said...

oh.. coming back? dare we hope?

Anyaposh said...

I thought about you today & I miss you... pls come back. It'll be nice to read something original & exciting again.

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2cute4u said...

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T.Notes said...


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Ooh, sigh, and that puts me as one of the newbies-at least blogspot-wise. I'd been carrying on elsewhere until i discovered that most nigerians reside here. And honestly i'd been of the ill-informed opinion
erstwhile that modern sorts of casual writing is a lost genre in this part of the world. Imagine my awe thus far.

So, i've spent the better part of my time in this sphere reading around, and i'd agree that there've indeed been a good number of prolific writers. N yeah, i did also notice the younger genre too , i.e by age classification now.

Well, from your recent posts, looks you're still kinda around. Hope that persists; we could do with the proper standards like you guys have set.

BTW, i need readers on my blog, so stop by sometime. Oh, n 2Cute4u, ,checking yours out too now.

T.Notes (Clearly i don't write short words!lol)

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